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As Kenilworth's only Pediatric Dental Specialist, we believe you will find that we have something unique to offer your child. Our mission centers on creating a safe and positive environment while improving the oral health of children. We strive to deliver an excellent, customized experience for each child.

Grins on Green Bay Pediatric Dentistry is a trusted place to find the highest quality care, information, and education for you and your child. Most importantly, Dr. Suzy C. Pope understands that children need to have a fun and comfortable dental experience. Dr. Suzy has brought together a talented and caring team to build your child's dental confidence. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

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Meet Dr. Pope

As a board certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Suzy C. Pope offers children a unique experience as they are introduced to a key component of their comprehensive healthcare. She believes that all children should enjoy seeing the dentist and hopes she can help your child develop into a great patient. Dr. Pope at Grins on Green Bay located in Kenilworth, IL has a warm and unhurried approach to pediatric dentistry which puts her patients and their parents at ease. Her patients fondly call her “Dr. Suzy”.

Dr. Suzy was featured in Sheridan Road Magazine

“During sixth grade graduation, all the little girls wanted to be teachers or nurses, all the little boys wanted to be lawyers or fireman, I was the only one in the class who wanted to be a dentist,” says Dr. Suzy C. Pope of Grins on Green Bay Pediatric Dentistry. “I just knew that this is how I wanted to spend my day. Hanging out with kids, inspiring them, and seeing them grow up. I think that’s the coolest part of my job. I get to see kids from a really young age through their college years, which is fantastic.”

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